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“Our mission is to be a well established and reputed company at both national and international level, for its human and professional quality level, growing from innovation, products, solutions and services. With a direction clearly defined and aligned, ensuring the financial stability and the business continuity for the next generations”


“Provide engineering and manufacturing capacities innovatively, at the disposal of the main international integrators of the aeronautical, defence and space sectors, in a manner that allows us to generate long term relationships”


Commitment: Perseverance towards our projects, curiosity for the continuous improvement and exploring new solutions.

Humanity: The corner stone that supports our work are respect , transparency and modesty, with the aim to generate confidence in our environment.

Innovation: Oriented to search and meet objectives by means of applying and generating new sources of knowlegde, with the goal to anticipate situations and proactively responding to the always present changes.

Sincerity: The foundation of our collaboration is sharing information, knowledge and experiences, all with a common objectives and based on listening and contributing to the different point of views.

Critical attitude: We constantly question ourselves, looking for new solutions that allow us to implement innovation in a practical and simple manner.