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Our main development strategy is encouraging an exclusive line of I+D+D activities. INESPASA has a specialised department that manages the company´s knowledge which is owned by experienced professionals in the aeronautical sector that are up-to date on the latests tendencies in new technologies and are focused on the development of new ideas and innovative practise.

We think creation is a process that starts with the generation of an novel idea and ends up with its implementation. We carry out practical and systematic methodologies so that we satisfy our customer´s needs. INESPASA´s industrial competitiveness and sustainable development are based on I+D investment and innovation among three strategies:

1- Basic I+D, founded on experimental and applied science investigation. Also over the development of new technologies and their transfer,

2- Internal I+D, we keep improving our methodologies and services so that we can consolidate our position as pioneers in our sector.

3- Special I+D solutions, Projects which perfectly fit our customer´s needs.